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  1. Andrea

    This is a wonderful pre-school! I was so afraid because my son was going to school for the first time at 3 years old. The staff was amazing at helping him feel comfortable as well as helping US get through it. We also thought he’d never talk much but school has changed that, he talks incessantly! 🙂 He has learned so much and continues to grow intellectually and spiritually. We love FCC.

  2. Julie Forgie

    My daughter just finished a year in Miss Carrie’s class. She had an amazing experience. Alexis learned so many academic and social skills plus she made a lot of great friends. I loved all the pictures that got posted on the class Facebook page and the school Facebook page. They really brightened my day when I saw them. It was really cool that the Christmas program and a promotion ceremony was live streamed so that my family could also watch her show. We just love it here and are looking for another exciting school year!

  3. Alexia

    My husband and I are so grateful to have found Family Christian Center. The preschool is full of love, caring, & fun. My son has been going since he was 5 months old & he is always happy to be there with the exceptional teachers and staff.

  4. Denise

    We love Family Christian Center. You will always receive a warm welcome no matter what the day is like! FCC will partner with you in raising your children and help them grow in their spiritual walk. We were thankful to have a positive support group during the preschool years for all of our children. Everyone at FCC will truly love your kids! Our family has been attending FCC for 8years and we can’t say enough great things about this preschool. We were sad for this journey to end! FCC is the best!

  5. Sara & Sam

    If you are looking for a caring, trusting, and reasonably priced daycare for you little one(s), FCCPS is the place for you and your family. The preschool has surpassed all of our expectations, which we admit were high. When we were on our journey of searching for a preschool, we were looking for a place with a nurturing environment to foster a love of education. We were hesitant to enroll our eldest daughter as we had a traumatizing experience at a previous daycare. We put our trust in the staff at FCCPS and so glad we did. Our daughter immediately took to the staff, children, and school and has been happy ever since. Now a year later we have both our children enrolled and each day they wake up excited to go to school. We love the christian based faith they provide our children as well as the education they provide. We have toured every daycare in town and no other place compares. They provide a shaded playground with a mature tree and canopy which gives you comfort knowing they can enjoy the outdoors without the dangerous sun rays beating down on them. The playground is also situated back from the main road providing peace that the children can play without the fear of traffic flying by and a possibly of a catastrophe as other daycare centers have unfortunately experienced. The school provides fun activities throughout the year such as skyzone jumping, water days, kona ice, plaster cottage, classroom parties, and recitals. Our walls at home display artwork from our girls which is a reminder daily that we are happy FCCPS is helping us as parents mold our daughters into bright young ladies in the future to come. Thank you to all the staff at FCCPS for being a part of our lives.

  6. Brittany D.

    We love FCC! As first time parents, choosing the right childcare was a very important (and stressful) decision. During our tour, we knew right away that this is where we wanted our daughter to go. They made the transition so easy for us and made us feel so comfortable. I truly believe that the teachers love the children like their own. I really couldn’t ask for a better experience!

  7. Kacy Wolfe

    My first son started FCC at only six months old and quickly all of my nerves and fears were put at ease. From the start, I knew my child was loved and cared for by the staff at FCC. Mrs. Christy from day one, has went above and beyond for our family and is an amazing part of the staff. Now at 2, my son amazes us with all that he learns from his teachers, and I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a loving and high quality educational institute.

  8. Emma

    My son has been at FCC for 2 years. The baby room was fabulous, I always felt comforted knowing Danny and April were with him. Ms Christy has been a life saver! Whether it’s a worried mom, a sick baby or just wanting to know what he is doing, she is always there checking!!!

  9. Steven & Ana

    We decided to introduce our son to a school environment and other children following his first birthday. We searched everywhere looking for a safe, friendly, christian environment, and we are so happy that we chose FCC! The staff are all friendly, kind, and pay detailed attention to every child and family. Everyone treats him like a little king, and every child gets this level of attention. He loves going to preschool in the morning, and he is almost always smiling, happy, and singing when we come to pick him up at the end of the day. He is excelling in lingual skills, counting, and saying hi, please, thank you, and your welcome which were all learned at FCC. Once your child starts here, you become part of the family. It is a wonderful environment for a child and everyone. Thank you all and God bless for your love and kindness!

  10. Sherikey Mobley

    My daughter, Chelsey Collins, selected FCC Preschool for my 1st grand after his private sitter had to relocate due to her husband’s job. He had been with the sitter since birth, so the preschool decision was important to foster a nurturing and caring environment. Jeremy was 2 when he started the preschool program with Ms Linda. She was such a big help with his potty training and we felt so confident and blessed with the wonderful care he received. Jay graduated from the VPK in June and my emotions ran high as we said farewell to that point in his life, but I’m glad the tradition will continue with his new 2mos old baby sister starting the nursery in Aug. As a result of the excellent learning Jeremy received, he scored very high on the assessment testing and will begin Kindergarten at Cypress Ridge Elementary this fall. As my grandson’s Meme, I feel very blessed to have this institution that fosters magnificent child care in a Christian environment that promotes educational success. I’m happy that our Ivanna Grace will be there and we will maintain contact with this highly professional and we’ll trained staff! Love the staff and pray for their continued success with all the students both now and in the future! High praise to Ms Christie, Ms Linda, Ms Ligia, and Ms Denisa!

  11. Jessica

    FCC has been one of the greatest experiences! Ms Christy was the first face I met when walking into the school and she is the best at making you feel welcome and ensuring you that they want the best for your kids. The trust I have for FCC makes my heart so happy! The staff and teachers have loved and cared for my children in every way possible. They want nothing more than for your children to have fun learning and interacting with others! They go out of their way to make sure you and your children feel seen, heard and loved. Everyone there puts effort into making your children feel special! I am so grateful for the experiences there over the last 4 years and I am looking forward to many more!

  12. Omar & Jade Quinones

    We absolutely love FCPS. We were extremely hesitant about putting our 1 year old into daycare. But Ms.Tara and Ms.Christy really helped make the transition so smooth. Asher who just turned 3 loves school. FCPS has helped his development in so many ways. His favorite part of school that he talks about all the time is chapel; he loves to go to chapel and go on stage and sing! He absolutely adores his teacher Ms.Linda. It’s so comforting as a parent dropping your child off everyday at a place he loves to go! He also loves Kona Ice & Sky Zone days.

  13. Laura

    We were so happy and blessed to find Family Christian Preschool for our son’s VPK school year. I can’t say enough about the school and it’s staff. They have wonderful teachers and Ms. Tara and Ms. Christy in the front office are absolutely amazing! They are always smiling and such a joy to talk to. One of my favorite things about the daily activities is the morning chapel with music, singing and dancing. You can’t help but be in a good mood when you attend Chapel with Ms. Carrie. Our experience at this school was a wonderful one, all the way around. I highly recommend them to everyone.

  14. Dana & Josh Turner

    When my daughter turned two, I decided I need to go back to work (mostly for my own sanity). I was very stressed about trusting someone else to partially raise her for me, 5 days a week! :s
    After much prayer and worry, I carried her into the school to ask questions about prices and activities. Within 10 minutes of the tour, I felt so relieved! The hallways and classrooms were so bright, cheerful, and clean. The staff was so down to earth and loving. I felt like they were going to make my daughter feel special and safe. My first impression turned out to be correct. Not only did my daughter feel loved, but she also learned compassion for her classmates. And if that’s not enough, she learned what an octagon was! She was only 2, and she knew ALL of the shapes. Her learning continued to amaze me while she graduated VPK, this year. She’s not gifted, but the teachers were persistent and encouraging. Sending Lily to daycare at age 2, may have been the best decision I have made for her. I put aside my pride and fears, and let someone else help me raise her. She is stronger, smarter, and more spiritual because of it. Thank you, FCCPS for loving and nurturing my favorite person in the world!! <3 I will always cherish the day she first sang me "Yes, Jesus Loves Meee!"

  15. Lindsay D.

    I have entrusted two of my children, over the past seven years, to Family Christian Center Preschool. Due to their curriculum and compassionate teachers and staff, my daughter entered elementary school above par and ready both socially and education-wise. The staff is always there for you, if you need them, or have questions. They are always there for you and your family both physically and spiritually and believe whole heartedly in growing your children to be smart, loving, and caring individuals. The most important thing about a school, is knowing that your children are happy, and safe, and I always had that peace of mind when I dropped them off every morning. We certainly thank Ms. Christy who is the assistant director, and all of the amazing teachers and staff that have positively impacted my children’s lives and education.

  16. Montie & Adelita Albert

    The FCC Preschool is the best! We were skeptical at first about starting our only daughter this year, but we knew we had to start letting go. Picking her up after her first day of school and seeing how happy she was let us know that we had made the right choice. Daily, she wakes up eager “to go to school” and does everything asked of her. Never had we imagined that our daughter would grow so fond of this place in such a short time. The teachers are great, our daughter is happy, and we are so excited of all that she is already learning at FCC just from attending over the summer. Thank you for making “letting go” of our baby that much easier!!

  17. Nicole Castro

    My son attended FCC preschool when he was 4 yrs old. He is now 11 yrs old and still talks about how much he loved attending preschool at FCC! I now have a 8 month old who is attending FCC and I could not be more happier with all the love and care he gets from not only his teachers but the staff at FCC! I feel truly blessed to have such great people in my son’s life and would highly recommend FCC to anyone!

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